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Slip and fall injury accidents frequently happen on the job or in public buildings. There are a variety of common places where slip and fall accidents may occur as outlined below:

Construction Accidents

Construction workers face tremendous risk of serious slip and fall injuries. Before they pour and finish smooth slabs, carpenters and iron-workers navigate through tangled webs of forms and rebar. Deep footings and string-lines often run along all the major boundaries. Pressed to finish a project by the end of the day, a form-setter or rodder carrying heavy bags easily can miss a step, seriously spraining an ankle, tearing a muscle, or breaking a leg.

When construction and maintenance workers depend on ladders and scaffolds their fall risks increase geometrically. Although high-strength personal protective equipment will save a worker’s life in a fall from the seventh floor, the jolt at the end of the lifeline can break a few ribs. Physical therapy and rehabilitation may keep a tradesman off the job for months. After he returns to work, the trauma’s lingering effects can compromise a journeyman’s confidence and skill. Even with insurance and workman’s compensation, the injured worker’s family may struggle to pay the bills for all the time he/ she cannot work.

Warehouse Trip and Fall Accidents

Warehouse workers and sales associates at big-box retailers navigate through slip and fall hazards all day every day. Driven by a sense of urgency, workers fail to recognize or do not take time to report safety issues. One loose bolt on a slippery floor in the hardware department easily can cause a slip and fall injury accident. One faulty wheel lock on a twenty-foot ladder easily can cause a debilitating back injury. One neglected oil spill easily can result in a broken arm.

Employers assume responsibility for maintaining safe working conditions on the jobsite, and supervisors take responsibility for strictly enforcing safety standards. Brightly colored signs and clever posters cannot make-up for a contractor’s lack of concern for workers’ safety. If a slip and fall accident happens as a result of an employer’s or supervisor’s negligence, the injured worker may be entitled to damages. Slip and fall attorneys use their training and experience to win compensation for seriously injured tradesmen, often collecting not only large judgments for medical costs and lost wages but also punitive damages for contractors’ unsafe practices.

Slip and Fall Injury Accidents Often Happen in Busy Public Places

Ironically, the more beautiful an old department store looks, the more dangerous it becomes. New York is filled with landmark buildings that have gorgeous hand-laid tile floors in their entry-ways and along their main aisles. On rainy and snowy days, architectural masterpieces can become giant slip-and-slides. Distracted shoppers can easily lose their footing. Hurried and harried bargain-hunters easily can slip on wet floors, breaking an arm or damaging a tail-bone.

Restaurant Accidents

Restaurant owners pledge to protect workers and customers from health and safety hazards. Similarly, most popular restaurants have low-maintenance, easy-clean terra cotta floors. Showing their concern for diners’ and servers’ safety, restaurateurs “texturize” the floors to reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries. In heavy traffic areas, however, the non-slip surface wears away and the tile itself becomes extra smooth. One good splash from a runaway Diet Coke and the heavy traffic area becomes a danger zone. Always in a hurry, servers become vulnerable to slips; often distracted, diners become vulnerable to falls. When tender body parts collide with cold, wet terra cotta, muscles tear and bones break.

Of course, major retailers assume responsibility for keeping their stores safe and “shoppable.” After a slip and fall, though, embarrassed customers often blame themselves for their accidents, failing to recognize how the merchant’s’ negligence caused the mishap. Worried about losing their jobs or being branded as “whistle-blowers,” injured employees often refuse to file claims against their employers.

Consult with a Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and fall attorneys aggressively pursue personal injury claims, often winning compensation their injured clients need and deserve.

Most accident victims under-estimate the seriousness of their injuries and the scope of employers’ and merchants’ responsibilities, forfeiting opportunities for large settlements.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident on the job or in a public place, we can help you to understand your rights. Your first consultation costs you nothing, and the attorney will give you a fair, honest, professional assessment of your case. Most accident victims under-estimate the seriousness of their injuries and the scope of employers’ and merchants’ responsibilities, forfeiting opportunities for large settlements.

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