Pedestrian Accidents and Injuries

In the United States there are numerous laws to protect pedestrians. When crossing a street that is governed by a traffic signal or when there are no signals but a crosswalk is provided, the person on foot has the right of way provided he or she is crossing with the light or is within the crosswalk. If you obey the law and are injured, a pedestrian accident attorney can help you receive the appropriate compensation.

Although pedestrian accidents have decreased in the United States since the late 1990’s, there were over 59,000 cases in 2009. Because of the frequency with which these incidents occur, more and more victims have been turning to legal counsel in order to receive compensation.

In order to protect yourself from both lawsuits and injury, take note of these useful tips for pedestrians:

  • Do not jaywalk. Wait until the traffic lights give the appropriate signal before proceeding. Find a designated crosswalk before attempting to cross a road, and be especially mindful at busy intersections.
  • Watch your children. Child related pedestrian accidents account for a large portion of these incidents. Many young children dart out into the road because they are unaware of the danger traffic presents. Teach your children at a young age to be aware of roads, garages, driveways, and other paths. If your child does wander into the road, be careful when crossing the road to help your child.
  • Take care when exiting from a taxi, bus, or other form of transportation. Suddenly stepping out of a vehicle gives other drivers very little time to react.
  • Avoid walking on the side of highways, and especially “limited access highways.” Often along such stretches, conditions do not afford drivers sufficient time to react before a collision.
  • Be careful around parking lots. There are thousands of pedestrian accidents involving reversing cars each year. Because the driver often cannot see clearly behind him or her, pay extra attention when you are in parking lots. If possible, find a sidewalk.

If you or someone around you is struck by a vehicle while walking, remember the following tips:

  • Take appropriate measures to contact the authorities as soon as possible. Because of fear, lack of knowledge, and other related reasons, it is estimated that only a fraction of actual occurrences are reported. Having a police report is also important for court in determining if you are entitled to compensation.
  • Unnecessary attempts to move, touch, or help the victim to his or her feet can cause further injury. Have the victim lie down until medical help arrives. Try to make sure that all parties involved stay at the scene of the accident. This is also very important for an attorney to best support your claim for damages incurred.

Keep in mind that the law is there to protect you; in the United States, pedestrians generally are protected by the law when it comes to intersections and clearly delineated crosswalks. However, the law can be misconstrued or twisted against you. To ensure that the law works as much as possible in your favor, consider retaining the services of an experienced pedestrian accident attorney.

When you are in a pedestrian accident, there can be life-changing injuries that may not be apparent for some time. With more serious incidents, your life may be irreversibly transformed. In any case, it is important that those liable are held responsible and that you receive the maximum compensation available under the law.

If you are injured during an accident or you subsequently experience pain at any point after an incident, your first priority should be to seek medical attention. Once your immediate physical needs have been addressed you should consult with a personal injury attorney in a timely manner to ensure that you are protected and that you receive the damages to which you may be entitled.

How You are Compensated for Your Pain and Suffering

You have the right to receive proper compensation for the injuries sustained as a pedestrian if you are struck by a motor vehicle. You may be entitled to damages for pain and suffering that are recoverable by filing suit against the party at fault for the accident.

You should strongly consider contacting a qualified personal injury lawyer to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of being struck while walking, we want to hear your story. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will review the facts and assist you with your case from beginning to end. We know how to investigate and aggressively pursue cases where pedestrians have been injured.


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